The University of Maine’s video brand standards apply to all UMaine colleges and nonacademic units. The following guidelines do not apply to educational or documentary works produced by faculty, staff or students.

Institutional videos produced for UMaine’s YouTube channel or university websites all start with a two-second animation of the outline Maine crest (available for download in the branding toolbox). 

UMaine’s official font for lower-third graphics is Frutiger. Visit Typography in the branding toolbox for font substitutions. Interview subjects’ names are created in white with a point size of 32. Titles are created in UMaine light blue with a point size of 24. The outline Maine crest logo may be added to the titles of people who are affiliated with the university. The use of a UMaine dark blue highlight/accent bar behind lower-third graphics may be employed where appropriate to help with visibility of graphics.

Below are a few featured UMaine video’s. A full catalog of video’s can be found on the University of Maine’s YouTube channel. Contact the Division of Marketing and Communications for questions on branded UMaine videos.