Primary fonts

UMaine’s official serif fonts are Adobe Garamond and URW Egyptienne and the official sans-serif font is Frutiger. It is recommended that one serif font and one sans serif font complement each other in a publication. More than two font families in one publication are generally not recommended and can be visually confusing and haphazard.

Due to the same kinds of licensing restrictions that prohibit the transferring of purchased music files, fonts cannot be shared between UMaine entities. Departments interested in purchasing Egyptienne, Frutiger and Adobe Garamond can find these fonts online at or by clicking the images below for a direct link and pricing information.

Font alternatives

Due to the font licensing restrictions on UMaine’s official fonts, we have provided a list of Google Fonts that are free to download. The alternative to URW Egyptienne is Roboto Slab, the alternatives to Frutiger are Arial and Open Sans, and the alternative to Adobe Garamond is EB Garamond. Below are links to each Google Font, click on each image to download. To learn how to download Google Fonts to use on your computer, visit Google Fonts FAQ