Set Your Course

Please delete “Define Tomorrow” and use the new slogan “Set Your Course” 

The old campaign has ended. 

Set Your Course is the slogan being used on current University of Maine marketing and recruitment materials. Please download and use these files, available in branded colors to fit your needs.
Each file is vector art and can be placed in the same way you place a photo. You will not need the font —characters have been converted to outlines.

When resizing vector art, hold the shift key while pulling corners in or out. The shift key will lock proportions as you scale and keep the file from distorting.

This slogan can be used as a subhead, a design element, a tagline or as a final end mark closing a video or publication.

You are encouraged to use the slogan someplace on your marketing piece for consistent branding and messaging throughout the wide variety of communications coming from all areas of campus.

Set Your Course branding guidelines option one