Our online University of Maine photo database features some of the top image-building photos related to the university. This database of institutional images is available to members of the university community who are producing UMaine publications, web pages, displays and other university-related projects. Use of any photos must be approved by the Division of Marketing and Communications. However, photos from the database used outside of the University of Maine must be credited with “Photo courtesy of the University of Maine.”  

If you decide to take your own photos, here are some guidelines to  follow:

  • Photos should be vibrant and bright in content and appearance and shot with a student focus — ideally with smiling or pleasant faces.
  • Photos should display diversity and inclusion.
  • Consider your surroundings. Look for the most appealing and appropriate background while adequately displaying an institutional presence. 

Contact the Division of Marketing and Communications for questions or contact Ron Lisnet to set up a time to view the photo database.

A UMaine student works on her research. UMaine students canoe and paddleboard on the river Two students smile at the camera while sitting on the mall UMaine students cheer during a Black Bears hockey game A group of UMaine students perform in a dance showcase. Two UMaine students play in the snow.