Our goal is to give students the tools they need to solve real-world problems using innovative techniques and creative approaches.” – Damian Brady

Student works on scallop net on floating dock


Please reach out to Damian and Elisabeth to see what internship options are available this summer at the Darling Marine Center. 

Student internships are field-intensive aquaculture and fisheries experiences. Students will get a transdisciplinary experience that includes: deployment of oceanographic equipmentlaboratory analysis, shellfish growth and feeding trials, lease site maintenance, analyzing remote sensing imagery, and applying numerical models.

Students have opportunity to develop industry relevant skills including: laboratory analyses, scientific diving, small-boat operation, and computer programing/data analysis. 

Note: The dormitory facilities at the Darling Marine Center will not be available. And our lab follows all University of Maine, State of Maine, and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. We encourage students who live in the mid-coast, or can find alternative accommodations, to reach out for internships funded through Maine Sea Grant, the Aquaculture Research Institute, and USDA.

Undergraduate Courses

Our lab is part of the field-intensive Semester By the Sea program at the Darling Marine Center. SBS is a hands-on residential program with courses ranging from marine ecology, fisheries science, microbiology, and scientific diving. This fall semester program allows students to immerse themselves in the study of marine systems.

Student measures scallops from aquaculture net

Aquaculture bags in lobster pound at low tide

Graduate Students

Measuring shell size with calipers for scallops on a line

Start your graduate career and join our team!

We invite you to study the interactions of floating offshore wind energy with marine ecosystems and fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and California as a Master’s or Ph.D. student (in Marine Biology or Oceanography).

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