Precipitation at BBWM has been monitored off and on since 1985.  A comprehensive and current database has been compiled using data collected since September 2002 to provide supplemental information in conjunction with other environmental data.  Similar to soil moisture, the immediate objective of this effort is primarily the development of  database that will be continuously updated and available to research personnel.


Instrumentation and Data Collection

Data is collected using a Belfort Universal Precipitation Gauge.  The instrument is currently located on a stage above the East Bear Brook weir.  The gauge collects precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) in a weighing chamber.  The instrument is designed to convert the weight of any accumulating precipitation into depth equivalents (i.e. inches).  The data is continually recorded by pen on a rotating chart.

Data Summary

Precipitation events appear to have occurred in an almost cyclical and consistent pattern from September 2002 until September 2003.  However, from late 2003 throughout the first half of 2004 there is a noticeable decrease in the magnitude and frequency of events which might be considered by some a “dry spell”.  The “dry spell” appears to have ended abruptly around June 2004 where the frequency and magnitude of precipitation events increased dramatically, primarily in early 2005.