R&D Contract Services

What We Can Accomplish TOGETHER

Photo of Tim Bowden~ Research & Development – Our team provides all aspects of oversight and programmatic assistance to support teaching, training, and in vivo, in vitro, wet and dry laboratory research. The group pursues independent and collaborative research related to bio-defense and aquatic animal diseases of bacterial, viral, and pathogenic varieties.

~ Product Development – We conduct translational research to advance vaccine products from initial development towards commercialization in preparation for regulatory oversight by actively monitoring efficacy, safety, and toxicology. The ARI also investigates novel vaccine delivery methods to further these features.

~ Challenge and Trial Services – We have experience in a range of bacterial, viral, and parasitic disease challenge models. The skilled facility staff provides quality aquatic animal husbandry services, veterinary care, facility management support for finfish and shellfish, and a variety of technical services.

~ Laboratory Services – Research capabilities include stable cell line generation, vaccine characterization, cell culture, cellular and non-cellular immunology, antigen purification, prototype product formulation, analytical testing, bacterial & viral genetics, histology, and a full range of diagnostic services.

For more information on Aquatic Animal Health Services, contact Deborah Bouchard.