Student Stories: Zachary Dalrymple

Zachary Dalrymple is a native Mainer from Farmington who attended Mt. Blue High School. After high school, Dalrymple enlisted in the U.S. Army and traveled the world. When he returned to New England, Dalrymple enrolled at UMaine to pursue the Army ROTC program. He enjoyed meeting people at UMaine and knew it was the right fit. 

Dalrymple, who is pursuing a degree in political science, is also minoring in innovation engineering, military science, and leadership. He plans to continue serving in the military. 

“Through the Innovation Engineering program at the Foster Center for Student Innovation, I have worked with real businesses for class. The center connected me with business professionals across the state,” says Dalrymple. “The political science department also has very unique opportunities such as a trip to Washington DC where I got to meet several accomplished leaders.”

Dalrymple worked through the Foster Center to do marketing and sales with the Cooperative Center for Aquaculture Research (CCAR) out of Franklin, Maine. CCAR is an aquaculture research and development facility addressing large-scale industry needs. 

Dalrymple recently started his own business. ClearWater Data utilizes blockchain technology that enables distributors and customers to verify that their products originated in Maine throughout the various steps of the supply chain. He also works as a sales and marketing specialist in Bangor at the start-up RX-Option, a firm developing an app that identifies generic drug options for customers.

Undergraduate Internships

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