What is the Math Placement Exam and why do I have to take it?

If you choose any of the math courses, you are required to either take the UMaine Math Placement Exam or to have completed the required previous course prerequisite.  The exam indicates your readiness for the course you chose. If the results reveal that another course would be more appropriate for you, we will contact you.

If I am taking the prerequisite course right now, do I still need to take the Math Placement Exam?

No.  We will enroll you in the next semester’s course, but will check your grade at the end of the current semester.  If you do not pass the course that was needed as a prerequisite, you will be taken out of the next semester’s course.

I have taken Calculus I in high school and want to take the Academ-e’s Calculus II in the spring.  Do I need to do anything else?

You will need to have passed the AP Calc AB or BC exam in order to qualify for Calculus II or III at UMaine. Your scores must be sent to us directly from the College Boards web page. Currently, the Math Department is not offering Calculus II or III in an online format.

Where do I take the Math Placement Exam?

To take the exam, please go to (Blackboard) and log in using your MaineStreet ID and Password. Call Academ-e Tech Help at 207.581.3199 or 1-877-947 HELP (4357), or email for login and password information or for help finding the exam.

Blackboard MPExam image

MPExam screenshot signin1                MPExam screenshot signin2

Why are there three parts to the exam? Which part should I take for my course? What score do I need to pass?

The three parts of the exam refer to different course readiness levels:

Part One: shows readiness for MAT 111, College Algebra. Passing score is 9/10.

Part Two: shows readiness for MAT 122, Pre-Calculus. Passing score is 10/20.

Part Three: shows readiness for MAT 126, Calculus I.  Passing score is 10/20.

You will be told by email confirmation which part you will be required to test in. Once the score has been received by our office, enrollment can occur.

Is the exam score permanently on my record?
Yes, it will remain on your MaineStreet account.

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