Welcome to Academ-e

The Academ-e Program is designed for students in Maine’s public high schools, State of Maine-approved independent institutions, those currently in a GED program, and private home schools.  The majority of enrollees are juniors and seniors, however, we do accept freshmen and sophomore, with specific requirements.  All students nominated in these categories will be assigned to their courses of choice on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must be nominated by high school principals, teachers, guidance counselors, or home school educators. Schools are encouraged to nominate students who have a “B” average or higher, and records demonstrate that they are college-bound and ready for university-level work. 

Think30circle At the University of Maine, we’re committed to providing high-quality education at a cost that’s within reach of families with college-bound students. We’re also concerned about what it costs students to earn a college degree.  That’s why we want to help full-time undergraduates complete their degrees in four years. Think 30, an initiative launched in 2015, encourages students to complete 30 credits per year — and makes it easier for them to do that — so they can graduate in four years while saving money and reducing debt.