University of Maine Distinctions

UMaine’s commitment to affordability and strategic investments is paying off

The University of Maine is meeting its enrollment goals by growing out-of-state enrollment. While UMaine remains committed to serving Maine, the reality is a declining high school population. It continues to serve students from every county in Maine, and they continue to make up the majority of our student population.

UMaine’s commitment to affordability, strategic investments in signature strengths and aggressive marketing have paid off. UMaine received a record number of qualified applicants for fall 2016–18, and welcomed three of its largest incoming classes.

In addition, as part of the One University initiative, UMaine collaborates with the other University of Maine System campuses so that all qualified Maine students who are wait-listed will be able to pursue their education at a state public university. This interest in UMaine speaks volumes to what prospective students have discovered about the value and quality of living and working in Maine. The goal is to attract the best and brightest to the state’s public research university to advance economic development and educate Maine’s workforce.

Future Workforce: Value of STEM

The University of Maine recognizes the value of degrees earned in science, technology, engineering and math fields. An ample supply of workers with degrees in STEM disciplines is essential to the future of Maine’s economy.

UMaine’s commitment to improving science education and sparking interest in STEM disciplines is paying off, with significant increases in enrollment in STEM majors.

As part of its five-year strategic plan, UMaine identified its principal strengths — Signature and Emerging Areas of Excellence. The Signature Areas are those in which UMaine has achieved national and international distinction. The Emerging Areas are those with the potential to reach the next level of excellence. Paying particular attention to these areas enhances the national competitiveness of the university, and will inform institutional strategies, investments and fundraising efforts going forward.

Affordability and value to Maine students, families and communities

  • Think 30 is an initiative aimed at encouraging students to complete 30 credits annually to graduate in four years, saving them money and reducing their debt.
  • Innovative scholarship programs reaffirm UMaine’s commitment to making higher education affordable for Maine students, and bringing the best and the brightest into the state — future leaders, community members and tomorrow ’s workforce.
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