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4-H Club Program - Club News

2013 – April News

Kidding Around Club, Sanford-Alfred area

We have three new members:  Sophia, Max & Claire  – welcome!  For our April meeting, Tyler gave a presentation on what to look for when buying a horse – good job, Tyler!   Club Assistant Leader Nathan gave each member a Dairy Cow Unified Score Card and began teaching about the scorecard, breed characteristics and then we went outside and tried to score some real cows.  Keely gave an impromptu demonstration on walking a cow – thanks Keely!

Jack and Tyler went to the University of New Hampshire on Saturday April 20th for the 4-H Horse Judging Contest.  We did not participate this year, but we practiced.  Nathan gave us a tour of the Equine Center and then we walked (a long way) to the dairy barns.  It is worth a trip to see this set up.  Our own 4-H club graduate Mark T lives above the barn and takes care of the animals as part of his college education.  Good job Mark, they are neat as a pin.

York County Shepherds, county-wide club, focus on sheep and general livestock issues

On April 18th, a couple of our members went to the Thompson School visit at the University of New Hampshire.  Our host, Drew Conroy, met us outside the school as classes were in session.  Once we got the history of the school we went inside and poked our heads into a couple of the classrooms.  We even got to see some Maine 4-H kids who are attending the Thompson School.  We visited the dairy barns and were ushered through them by members of the Cream Team.  They are assigned a cow to take care of as well as assist in the daily chores of the 25 Cream cows and help out where needed.  We wrapped up the day by eating ice cream at the dairy bar that is run by the students.  Thank for the ice cream, Trent!  The tour was really great as it opened our eyes to the diversity of the curriculum offered.  Check it out!

Little Falls Club, Lyman area

One group of the club is preparing for two exhibits; Acton Fair celebrating 100 years of 4-H in Maine and tree festival in December.  The group will be making 100 tree decorations out of wood, paper, beads, etc.  They will be learning to use a band saw, sanding and finishing wood items.  The second group is an older group and they do individual projects that require use of a wide range of woodworking tools, both hand and powered.  They design, build and finish these items.  A third group is busy with animal projects; goats, rabbits, beef cattle and poultry.

2013 – March News

York County Shepherds Club, county-wide.  The Carroll family brought their beef animals to the Abenaki Draft Horse Club for their maple syrup Sunday (the Sunday before the statewide event).  The younger kids brought the card drum and taught other kids how to card wool on it.  After the event ended we had a meeting on measuring out different feeds and then adding minerals and/or liquids to the feed and what can happen.  We used cereals for the feed and coconut, chocolate syrup, jimmies and confectionary sugar as the different minerals.  Kids enjoyed the cereal after the lesson. 

Kidding Around Club, Sanford-Alfred area.  Caleb W gave a Power Point presentation on preparing a chicken for show and what the judge is looking for. Tyler has had two Romney ewe lambs born and Shelby has a pair of Nigerian Dwarf doe kids.  We taste tested the Colby Jack cheddar cheese made in February….not too bad!  We helped out at the Abenaki Draft Horse Club’s Maple Syrup Sunday.  Shelby brought her goats.  Fun was had by all. 

2013 - February News

York County Beef Club, county-wide.  Continued to work on the one theme exhibit.  We are planning a fundraiser for Maple Sunday in March.  Everyone agreed to be available.  The educational activity was dealing with health issues with animals.  Each 4-H’r picked a card with a medical issue.  They had to match it with the proper medication which was displayed on the table.  They had to select the medication and show how to administer the proper dose.  We discussed proper handling of medications.

York County Shepherds Club, county-wide.  We attended a Farm Visit at Four Star Farm in Shapleigh.  We saw lambs, one calf and several brood cows.  Doreine and Mitchell served hot brownies with ice cream.  Awesome time!  Thanks to the Whites.  School vacation week we had two workshops planned, one on wet felting and the other was a sewing workshop.

2013 - January News

York County Beef Club, county-wide.  We continued to brain storm ideas for a one theme exhibit.  We also discussed a community service project.  We decided to do a fundraiser to sponsor a trip.  The meeting was dedicated to project records; passing back last year’s records and starting this year’s records.  Our educational activity was discussing the meat grading system in the United States.

Kidding Around Club, Sanford-Alfred area.  We had a field trip to Redneck Ridge Farm (Nathan’s first 4-H leader) where Beth Hill  let us tour her farm and show us her milking operation.  Outside we visited the cows then went inside to the milk room.  We saw the tanks where the milk is stored.


Theresa Guillemette, 4-H parent volunteer, coordinated a 4-H club member exhibit at Poland Spring’s Community Day on Sept. 15. Here are the smiling kids sharing their animals and information about 4-H with the community.

4-H'ers at table                      4-H tent

Kidding Around Club.  December – Our club prepared 11 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We purchased small toys, personal care items, and candy.  We packed them up in age/gender appropriate boxes, wrapped them and brought them to the Curtis Lake Christian Church for them to disburse.

York County Beef Club.   December – We had our Christmas party at Applebee’s in Sanford.  This is for members and their parents.  We had two invited guests as well.  After the meal, we had an awards ceremony.  Each 4-H’r received a membership pin and an achievement medal.  Both the parents and 4-H’r received a 4-H mug filled with candy and a 4-H pen & pencil.  The parents also received volunteer pins in appreciation for all they do.  A gift was presented to the club’s leader, Ann.

4-H'ers at Shades of Green table

Shades of Green Club — Welcome to our newest club, located in York, with 10 new members and volunteer leader Margot Simonds. The club’s focus is farm animals and sustainability.  In one of the club’s first activities, members participated in a local holiday parade.

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