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Master Gardener Class – May 22

Hi All,

We had an amazing field trip to Berry Best Farm in Lebanon with a wildflower and forest tree ID workshop using Newcomb’s Wildflower and Forest Trees of Maine books.

This week’s class is on the Yardscaping program and Pesticide Safety with Gary Fish of the Maine Board of Pesticide Control. This is always a great session.

Homework for this week’s upcoming class

Review the Pesticide Safety chapter and then click on and review both the Got Pests? and the Master Gardener Educational Materials sections. You do not need to read everything, but just familiarize yourself with this excellent resource.

Also review the YardScaping web page — there are a number of great links and publications from it. 

Review this Fact Sheet on Low Input Healthy Lawns

Open Book Review # 3

Yesterday I also handed out Open Book Review # 3 which is due on the last class – June 5 .

Here it is as an electronic document for those who prefer that to the hard copy:

Open Book Review 3 (word)

Open Book Review 3 (pdf) 

See you Thursday!





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