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Master Gardener Class – May 15

Plant Sale Success! Wow! 

Hello All… I want to express my gratitude and appreciation of all who worked so hard to pull off an amazing plant sale this past Saturday. It seemed like we were having an up hill struggle this year, with the digs starting late due to the long… cold… winter, then the rain predicted for Saturday. I was so impressed with the amount and variety of plants we had and the HUGE turnout for help Friday afternoon/evening and early Saturday morning in the rain!!! Then as if on cue, when 8:30 rolled around the rain just stopped. The Plant Sale Gods were smiling at us for sure!

We had an unofficial total of $7,500 raised on Saturday. We know from past years experience that the number will continue to go up as more people turn in funds from plant still be purchased and from raffle money still being turned is etc. Stay tuned for a final amount, but it was very impressive given the obstacles we dealt with.

Field Trip this coming Thursday, May 22: 

Wildflower and Forest Tree ID.

Class will meet at Berry Best Farm in Lebanon at 9:00 AM. Please dress for the outdoors and walking in the woods. We will be handing out Forest Trees of Maine and Newcomb’s Wildflower Guides to the class of 2014.

Continuing MGs who are joining us, please bring your copies of both guides.

Directions to Berry Best Farm

No Quiz This Week: Next take home open book will be handed out on Thursday :)


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