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Master Gardener Class – May 8

Hi All,

Here is the All Seasons Garden Layout

MG Work Day – Thursday, May 15 – 9:00 AM 12:30 PM, 3 Sites to Choose From

Carrying on with the tradition started last year, we will have an MG Class Work Day that is open to all MGs and the hours count for both new and continuing MGs.

There will be three sites, and to ensure that we have enough volunteers at each site, please let Sue know which site you choose by emailing her at

​Remember to dress for the weather (hats, gloves, sunscreen, and yes the black flies are out so maybe some bug juice). Bring a bottle of water​ and a snack.

Frinklepod Farm

244 Log Cabin Rd, Arundel, ME 04046
Geri Fitzgerald is coordinating. This is a vegetable garden that is growing for Maine Harvest for Hunger. ​

Description: We have 14 beds at the farm where Noah practices a form of ‘no till’ or limited till farming.  The beds were established through tilling and building up the beds above the paths.  Unfortunately the paths have established many perennial weeds and turf which have invaded the beds.  Our tasks at this point are to clear out the invading weeds with pitch fork, spade and hand tools, tapping off as much soil as possible and composting the weed bunches. We also have compost with soil amendments that can be wheel barrowed out to the beds, once weeded and raked/ or “crumbled in” to the soil. Once the edges are cleared of weeds, we are putting cardboard in the paths and covering with wood chips.

Next we are ready to plant and cover kale and radishes, and also lettuces (if we can get Noah’s use of a seeder for the leaf lettuce. I might be able to get Noah to talk a little about his philosophy of farming which he describes as ‘beyond organic’- what organic practices he doesn’t support (and the little things like hand picking pests.)  I haven’t asked him, but usually he is at the farm from now on. Please bring a trowel, spade or pitch fork and garden gloves

Spiller Farm
85 Spiller Farm Ln, Wells, ME 04090
Sue will coordinate here – Bill and Anna have generously donated so many pounds of veggies to MHH, and even plant just for us.
Description: Bill has 2000 strawberry plants to get in the ground.  We did this for him
last year, just slightly changed.   Bill will have bare root plants, a template to space them out and a lovely tool that he designed, for planting.    ​

Laudholm Farm ​– All Seasons ​Garden Preparation
342 Laudholm Farm Rd, Wells, ME 04090
​Allan Amioka will coordinate

Description: Some weeding, broadforking, amending, mounding, drip line installing. Depending on how many we have, leveling the hoop area and maybe, putting plastic on the two small hoops houses. Again, bring gloves, water bottles, snacks, favorite tools.

Handouts from May 8 Class

Intensive Production Raised Beds PowerPoint

Raised Bed Plans (word)

Raised Bed Plans (pdf)

Square Foot Garden Plans (word)

Square Foot Garden Plans (pdf)

 No Quiz this week – break after open book review :)

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