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Master Gardener Class – May 1

Hi All,

Two Classes this week:

Tuesday, May 6. 3:00 – 6:30 PM in Springvale (usual spot) – topic: Food Insecurity/Hunger in the US and Maine – all are welcome – this will be a joint class with the Cumberland County MG trainees

Thursday, May 8, 9:00 AM  - 12:30 PM, Mather Auditorium, at Laudholm Farm – topic: Intensive Production Raised Beds, Drip Irrigation and Rain Barrels - all welcome


View Video on Extending the Gardening Season Using Raised Beds

Review Fact Sheets

Why Consider Drip Irrigation (Word)

Why Consider Drip Irrigation (PDF)

Rain Harvesting (Word)

Rain Harvesting (PDF)

Food Security Chapter:

Getting What We Pay For: An Overview of Federal Agricultural Policy

Hunger in Maine


Quiz 6 – Landscape Design (word)

Quiz 6 – Landscape Design (pdf)



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