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Master Gardener Class – January 23, 2014

Welcome Master Gardener Class of 2014!

It was a pleasure to meet you all in our first class yesterday and to hear from you about your knowledge and passion for programs and sharing information.

I am sorry that we ran a bit short on time with the seed starting presentation. I plan to begin next weeks class with questions and to go over the seed starting chart and how to make newspaper pots before we start our soils part I class and worm composting. 

Here is a YouTube Video on building the stand I did a few years back:

Plans for Building the Wood Seed Starting Stand (word)

Plans for Building the Wood Seed Starting Stand (pdf)

PVC Seed Starting Stand (word)

PVC Seed Starting Stand (pdf)

Homework and Manual

Each week I will post the readings for the upcoming class. Much of this will come from the online manual. Here is a link to it, you may wish to bookmark this page:

Master Gardener Online Manual

Soils Homework:

Please read Chapter 1 Healthy Soils and Chapter 2, Organic Matter: What It Is And Why It Is So Important in Building Soils for better Crops

Familiarize yourself with the Soils Chapter of your Online Manual and in particular review:

Soil and Plant Nutrition a Gardeners Perspective

Soil Organic Matter

Measurement Conversion Chart and pH Preference Table (pdf)

Worm Compost Readings

A couple of worm composting fact sheets to review in advance of our next class:

Composting with Worms (Word)
Composting with Worm (PDF)
Worm Composting (Word)
Worm Composting (PDF)

That’s enough for week 1, see you Thursday!


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