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Undergraduate & Graduate Program - WGS Graduate Faculty

Full Graduate Faculty

Elizabeth J. Allan, Ph. D. (Ohio State, 1999), Professor of Higher Education Leadership. Gender and education, critical and poststructural feminist theory, equity policy in higher education, sexual violence, feminist research methodologies.

Laura Artesani, D.M.A. (West Virginia, 1997), Associate Professor of Music. Women and music, history of women music educators in North America.

Carla Billitteri, Ph. D. (SUNY at Buffalo, 2001), Associate Professor of English. Literary theory, feminist theory and gender studies, poetry and poetics, European and American Literature (19th- & 20th-century); drama.

Amy Blackstone, Ph. D. (Minnesota, 2003), Associate Professor of Sociology. Sociology of gender, families, and work.

Sandra Butler, Ph. D. (Washington, Seattle, 1991), Professor of Social Work. Social policy, economic security, welfare, health, and well being of women across the life span, especially related to older women and lesbians.

Sandra Caron, Ph. D. (Syracuse,1986), Professor of Family Relations/Human Sexuality. Women’s sexuality, cross-cultural perspectives on sexuality, family studies.

Nancy Fishwick, Ph. D. (Case Western Reserve, 1993), Associate Professor of Nursing. Women’s health, domestic violence, rural health, primary healthcare.

Susan Gardner, Ph. D. (Washington State, 2005), Associate Professor of Higher Education. Issues of social justice in higher education and the experiences of underrepresented populations in higher education institutions.

Mazie Hough, Ph. D. (University of Maine, 1997), Director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Professor of History and WGS Studies. U.S. women’s history, Maine history, adoption and reproductive policies, feminist research methods.

Kim Huisman, Ph. D. (Southern California, 2003), Associate Professor of Sociology, Immigration, Women and Society.

Naomi Jacobs, Ph. D. (Missouri, 1982), Professor of English. Women’s literature, British and American fiction, utopian literature, feminist theory.

Kristin Langellier, Ph. D. (Southern Illinois, 1980), Professor of Communication. Performance Studies, women and communication, feminist research methods.

Laura Lindenfeld Sher, Ph. D. (California, Davis, 2003), Associate Professor of Communication and Journalism and the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center. Film/media criticism and theory, cultural studies, food studies, Jewish studies.

Pauleena MacDougall, Ph. D. (Maine, 1995), Faculty Associate in Anthropology and Cooperating Research Associate in Lobster Institute. Women and folklore.

Kathleen March, Ph. D. (SUNY at Buffalo, 1979), Professor of Spanish. Women of the Hispanic world, feminist literary criticism, gender and language, gender and nationalism.

Jessica Miller, Ph. D. (Connecticut, 1999), Associate Professor of Philosophy. Feminist philosophy, feminist theory, feminist ethics, feminist approaches to biomedical ethics.

Kristina Nielson Passman, Ph. D. (Iowa, 1982), Associate Professor of Classical Language and Literature, Department of Modern Languages and Classics. Women in the ancient world, women and religion and mythology, feminist ethics.

Eric E. Peterson, Ph.D. (Southern Illinois, 1980), Professor of Communication. Philosophy of communication, sexualities in mass communication, cultural studies.

Ann Schonberger, Ph. D. (Wisconsin-Madison, 1976), Professor Emeritus of Women’s Studies Program, Professor of Mathematics. Women and education, gender differences in science and mathematics, mathematics education.

Nathan Stormer, Ph. D. (Minnesota, 1997), Associate Professor of Communication. Feminist rhetoric, reproductive rights, culture and discourse theory.

Associate Graduate Faculty

Margaret O. Killinger, Ph. D. (Maine, 2004), Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts, Honors College, U.S. women’s history, biography.

Renate Klein, Ph. D. (Marburg, 1989), Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies. Cross-cultural studies of domestic violence, family studies, feminist research methods.

Elizabeth Neiman, Ph. D. (Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011), Assistant Professor English Literature, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Feminist theory and Honors.


Sandra Haggard, MS (Maine, 1973), Associate Professor of Biology, UMA-Bangor.  Women, Health, and the Environment.

Nancy Lewis, MS (Columbia, 1984), Head of Reference, Fogler Library. Women and religion, LGBT Studies.

Jennifer Pickard, MA (Maine, 1992), Part-time faculty, Maine Women’s History, Women, Health, and the Environment.

Rhea Côté Robbins, MA (Maine, 1997), Part-time faculty, Women’s Studies and Franco-American Studies. Franco-American Women.

Yvonne Thibodeau, MA (Maine, 1998), Part-time faculty, Peace and Reconciliation Studies. Women activists.

Faculty Emerita

Margaret Cruikshank, Ph. D. (Loyola, 1969), Lecturer in Women’s Studies. Lesbian studies, LGBT Studies, women and aging.

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