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Undergraduate & Graduate Program - International Affairs/Women’s Studies

Please see the general requirements for all International Affairs majors. Note that all International Affairs majors must take
WST 101, Introduction to Women’s Studies
In addition all IA majors must take
WST 340, Women and Globalization
WST 371, Immigration, Women, and Society

Students interested in the International Affairs/Women’s Studies major must take all of the following courses (12 credits)
WST 101 – Introduction to Women’s Studies
WST 340 – Women and Globalization
WST 371 – Immigration, Women, and Society
WST 480, Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies (capstone)

IA/WST majors must also take at least four more courses (12 credits) chosen from the following:
WST 230 – Women, Health, and the Environment
WST 235 – Franco American Women’s Experience
WST 250 – Women and Music
WST 410 – Feminist Theory
WST 430 – Women in Europe (travel/study)
ANT 245 – Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

In a given semester there may be other topics courses added to this list of choices such as these:
WST 201, Topics in Women’s Studies: Women in the Hispanic World
WST 301, Intermediate Topics in Women’s Studies: Franco-American Women’s Project: Borders and Beyond
CHF 404, Topics in Family Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender and Violence

There also may be other courses added to this list of choices subject to the approval of the Director or Associate Director of Women’s Studies.

Revised 08/11/10

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