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Maryann Hartman Awards - 2009 Award Winners

Layne Gregory
Layne Gregory is the Executive Director of Boys to Men (B2M), a Portland based organization she helped to create in 2000. Educated as a social worker and the mother of two sons, Layne saw the need for a program that supports the healthy development of boys and young men. From its start, Boys to Men has held an annual conference that brings together between 250 and 450 young men and adult male role models. Under her leadership, Boys to Men initiated a Reducing Sexism and Violence Program in 2008. Next year B2M will train a minimum of 150 high school boys and girls to be violence prevention trainers in their community as part of B2M’s commitment to reducing men’s violence against women. In addition to her work with Boys to Men, Layne is actively involved as a Board Member for the Maine Women’s Fund and Portland Community Health Center.

Fatuma Hussein
Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Fatuma Hussein, Executive Director of United Somali Women of Maine (USWM), came to Atlanta, Georgia, at age 12, after living in a Kenyan refugee camp, having escaped from the Somali Civil War. Years later, seeking a less populated, quieter environment, she and her family relocated to the Lewiston-Auburn area. Having experienced the many challenges of life in a new culture, Fatuma, who was new to Maine herself, began informally providing transportation, translation, and additional assistance to other arriving Somali refugees in 2001. From these grassroots efforts, USWM was born and officially opened its doors in 2002. In addition to her work with USWM, Hussein is a member of the State Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs and the People of Color Fund Advisory Committee.

Judy Kellogg Markowsky
Judy Kellogg Markowsky is best known as the founding Director of Fields Pond Audubon Center, a 192-acre nature preserve and education center in Holden. Judy, an expert naturalist and a fine teacher, uses her broad knowledge to instill in others greater awareness, understanding, and respect for the marvels of nature. In addition to her work at Fields Pond, Judy was a key participant in the successful 2000 campaign to block a Wal-Mart supercenter development on property abutting the sensitive Penjajawoc Marsh. In 2009, Judy was honored by the National Women’s History Project as one of 100 women, along with Jane Goodall and Rachel Carson, whose lives show exceptional vision and leadership in the realm of environmental protection.

Winners of the Young Women’s Social Justice Award

Katelyn Jacques and Amy Jar Wei Yeung
As students at Lewiston High School, Katelyn and Amy founded the organization Hearts for Adolescents with the goal of helping the school’s homeless population. The two young women held a large fundraiser at the end of the school year last year and used the money raised to help the school’s homeless students with the cost of school supplies, clothing, prom expenses, and extracurricular activities. Together with Hearts for Adolescents, Katelyn and Amy are working to make the life that many high schoolers take for granted more attainable for their peers who have experienced hardships.

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