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Maryann Hartman Awards - 2003 Award Winners

Dahlov Ipcar
Dahlov Ipcar, from Georgetown, is a nationally recognized artist who has resided in Maine for most of her life. Best known for her colorful collage-style paintings featuring jungle and farm animals, she began her work painting murals for the WPA in Tennessee and Oklahoma. At the age of 21 she had a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, and her recent show at the Portland Museum of Art was widely acclaimed. She has also written and illustrated more than 40 books for children and adults, including Lobsterman. In October 2002, Maine PBS featured her work in its Maine Masters Series.

Joyce Longcore
Joyce E. Longcore of Orono is a world-renowned chytrid expert. After raising a family, she returned to graduate school and earned her Ph.D. She discovered a fungus which was named after her. Additionally, she isolated and identified the fungus that threatened to destroy the worldwide amphibian population. In her fifteen years at the University of Maine she has established a culture collection that contains over 200 species of aquatic fungi, many of which are not available elsewhere. In addition to being a brilliant scientist, she is a gifted teacher who has passed along her love of science to others.

Lillian O’Brien
A member of both the Maine State House of Representatives and the Lewiston City Council, Lillian LaFontaine O’Brien is a faithful advocate for women and children. Growing up during the Depression in a family of nine, Lillian worked in the local mills before going on to college. She has served as the first woman regional manager of the Welfare to Work Program, co-founded the Abused Women’s Advocacy Project, and started a tenants’ union. Serving on the Governor’s Advisory Committee for recommendations on mental health services for children and the University of Southern Maine Advisory Board for the Lewiston-Auburn Campus, O’Brien continues her many efforts to improve the lives of all women.

Winner of the Young Women’s Social Justice Award: Mallory Cyr

Mallory Cyr, a first-year student at the University of Maine, Farmington, is from Sabbatus, Maine. Informed by her own experience with a chronic health condition, Cyr has been outspoken and unstoppable in her work to make institutions respond to the needs of all youth with care and respect. her work has succeeded in enhancing access for all through architectural design, innovative health care delivery systems, and educational outreach. In 2002 she was a founding member of the Youth Advisory Committee to the Children with Special Needs Program of the Bureau of Health, Maine Department of Human Services.

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