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The Ugly Duckling: A Dramatic Response to Homophobia in Maine’s High Schools
*Carolyn Gage, Playwright and Chanel Romney, Actor. Part of the Fall 2005 Women in the Curriculum Lunch Series. 10/5/05.

Ugly Ducklings Documentary (Community Action Kit):
Woven together through the recording of intimate discussions about homophobia, the evolution of one’s sexual orientation, and bullying and biased-based harassment, this documentary explores the actors’ own biases throughout the rehearsal process. The educational film focuses on the core message portrayed in Ugly Ducklings and highlights the deeper, more immediate realities of the play’s subjects, who tell the story of those seeking asylum from the oppression of bias-based harassment in our communities and schools. The purpose of the Film and Community Action Kit is to educate both adults and youth about bias-based harassment and to aid families, schools, and communities who wish to openly support LGBTQ youth by initiating honest dialogue and creating safe and supportive environments. “We want to educate and inspire people to take action against bias-based bullying and harassment. It is our hope that regardless of religious belief or political affiliation, we can all rally around the common goals of protecting children and youth from the harassment and violence that can lead to self-harm and suicide.” (2006, DVD) 

Understanding and Responding to Perpetrators of Dating Violence in School Settings
Carole Sousa, Independent Consultant on Domestic Violence Work. Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Co-sponsored by the UM Safe Campus Project and part of the Fall 2003 WIC Lunch Series.

The Undeserving Victim: On the Un/Intended Consequences of Legal Regulations to Protect Battered Women (WIC Lunch 2000)
Presented by Renee Romkins, visiting Scholar, New York University Global Law Program.

United Sisters: Expanding Your Horizons 1998
United Sisters present gender equity workshops and interactive theater at the 1998 at “Expanding your Horizons” a one-day event on campus that introduces junior high school girls to math and science careers and opportunities. (50 min. 1998)

United Sisters: In Grrl Power We Trust — Changing the Face of Feminist Activism
United Sisters, a local, third wave group of high school girls, discuss feminism, activism, the third wave, the power of interactive theater, and creating change.

United Sisters Interactive Theatre
A performance at the University of Maine’s “Expanding Your Horizons Conference” that focuses on women having a voice and one that matters. (1997, 17 min.)

University Administration Working for Women: The Success of the Strategic Study Group on the Status of Women at Penn State

University of Maine Alumni
This video, produced by the University of Maine Department of Public Affairs, highlights the lives of several University of Maine graduates who have contributed much to the University and to their communities. Included are interviews with Sadie Mitchell, one of the first two Native Americans to attend the University, Doris Twitchell Allen, psychologist, peace activist Sharon Dale, and others. (60 min. 1989)

The Untold Story of Title IX: How We Got it When No One Was Looking
Bernice R. Sandler, Senior Scholar in Residence, National Association for Women in Education. Sandler played a major role in the development and passage of Title IX and other laws prohibiting sex discrimination in education. Her talk is part of Myra Sadker Days, in commemoration of a pioneer researcher on gender discrimination in K-12 schools. Part of the WIC Luncheon Series. (75 min. 2000)

Update on Iraq and the Future U.S. Plans for the Middle East
Fall 2006 Howard B. Schonberger Peace and Social Justice Memorial Lecturer Dahr Jamail speaks on September 28, 2006. Part of the Marxist/Socialist Lunch Series. *This is the 12:30 lecture only. Unfortunately, the evening lecture was not recorded* VHS and DVD format.

Urvashi Vaid
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns. Urvashi Vaid discusses the Gay and Lesbian Movement, the state of it now, and how she would like it to change. (1996, 120 min.)

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