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A Question of Color
This is the first documentary to confront “color consciousness” in the black community. It explores the devastating effect of a caste system based on how closely skin color, hair texture and facial features conform to a European ideal. It provides a unique window for examining cross-cultural issues of identity and self-image for anyone who has experienced prejudice. A Question of Color is particularly sensitive to the special burden color consciousness imposes on women. Darker skinned women recall how they have felt devalued and desexualized because of the bias in favor of European standards of beauty. Lighter skinned women reveal the pain of exclusion and ridicule because of their presumed sense of superiority. Evocative footage recalls how the “Black is Beautiful” movement of the 1960s attempted to place a positive value on African physical and cultural characteristics. But comments by young people indicate that the color problem lingers. (58 minutes, 1992, VHS)

Quiet Courage: A Story of Five Women
This video, produced by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), addresses issues facing older women in career transition. Hosted by Rosalynn Carter, Quiet Women profiles five women facing the challenges of an often uncertain future. Their experiences serve as a source of inspiration for older women seeking to reenter the workforce, or else make a transition into a different career position. A resource guide is included with the video. (28 min. 1990)

Quilts in Women’s Lives
These portraits of American quilt makers provide insights into the inspirations for their work, family, tradition, the joy of the creative process, and the challenge of design, and how it has become a part of their daily lives. Seven women, including a California Mennonite, a Bulgarian immigrant and an African American from Mississippi are portrayed. (28 min. 1986)

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