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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

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Ladies First: Women in Music Videos
Part of a video/book set that is not to be checked out individually. The book and video are by Robin Roberts. Today in the music video industry women artists have assumed a remarkable and refreshing new presence. More and more, women are being presented as strong and positive. This video/book set takes a close look at this exciting phenomenon and shows how, both on and off screen, strong females have assumed larger roles in the industry, demolishing stereotypes and exposing the flawed images that have restricted women. (20 min. 1990)

The Ladies Room
Directed by the acclaimed Iranian actress Mahnaz Afzali and filmed entirely inside a ladies washroom in a public park in Tehran, this absorbing documentary shatters Western preconceptions of Iranian women. Populated by addicts, prostitutes, runaway girls and others who simply enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere, the ladies room becomes one of the few places where women feel comfortable enough to smoke cigarettes, discuss taboo subjects and remove their veils. In a series of frank and intimate conversations, these diverse women debate everything from drugs and family abuse, to sex, relationships and religion. Raw and provocative, this engrossing film is a remarkable verite look at the hidden lives of Iranian women. A film by Mahnaz Afzali, 2003, 55 minutes.

Lakota Woman
This film, which is narrated by a Lakota-Sioux woman, Mary Crow Dog, tells the stories of her people and her heroes of the Black Hills. (90 min.)

Laramie Inside Out
In October 1998, Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and left to die. His shocking murder pushed Laramie into the media spotlight and sparked a nationwide debate about homophobia, gay-bashing and hate crimes. Filmmaker Beverly Seckinger, a Laramie native, returns home to the site of her own closeted adolescence to investigate the impact of Shepard’s murder. She encounters students, teachers, parents, and clergy suddenly moved to speak out and take social action. 2004, 56 minutes.

Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film
This video goes behind the scenes to reveal America’s most successful lesbian directors. These talented moviemakers enlighten and entertain as they explore their sexual identity, growing up gay, inspirations and techniques, Hollywood vs. Indie, and of course, love and sex, on screen and off. The conversations are intimate, the topics unlimited, and the clips from their work enthralling! (57 min. 1997)

The Legend of Sigh
This strikingly feminist film draws on the lecture of Azarbayejan prince. According to legend, Ah is a handsome young man who materializes to succor those in need whenever he hears a heartfelt sigh. The protagonist is a woman novelist, suffering from writer’s block, who, with the help of Ah experiences the lives of four women from deferent social strata. (1991, 105 min.)

Reza and Leila, an attractive and affluent young couple deeply in love and recently married, discover that Leila is unable to conceive. Although Reza steadfastly insist that it matters not in the least, his mother feels otherwise: she is determined that her son have children and continue the family line. Invoking tradition, she convinces her daughter-in-law that Reza must, out of necessity, take a second wife to produce an heir. This provocative, eloquent and ultimately devastating story, is s a stunning portrayal of the clash between tradition and modern marriage; between manipulation and the power of love. (129 min. 1998)

The Letter: An American Town and “The Somali Invasion”
In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy a firestorm erupts when Mayor Larry Ramond of Lewiston, Maine sends an open letter to 1,100 newly arrived Somali refugees advising them that the city’s resources are strained to the limit and asking other Somalis not to move to the city. Interpreted as a rallying cry by white supremacist groups across the United States, THE LETTER documents the crossfire of emotions and events, culminating in a “hate” rally convened by the World Church of the Creator and a counter “peace” rally involving 4,000 Lewiston residents supporting ethnic and cultural diversity. (DVD, 2003)

Librarians, Quakers, and McCarthyism: Political Activism and Moral Commitment in the 1950s (WIC Luncheon 2002)
Lecture presented by Allison Hepler, Associate Professor of History, University of Maine, Farmington. (Part of Peace Week)

License To Thrive: Title IX at 35
In June of 1972, Congress passed a piece of legislation called Title IX of the Education Amendments, to provide educational access and opportunity for women and young girls throughout the United States. This smart film is a highly-entertaining exploration of the unique history of the Title IX legislation and its critical role over the past few decades in creating female leaders. From the classroom to the boardroom to the courtroom to the green room to the locker room, women are making their mark via the impact of Title IX. 2008, DVD, 48 minutes, color.

Life + Debt
Jamaica, land of sea, sand and sun…and a prime example of the complexities of economic globalization on the world’s developing countries. With twenty-five years of “help” from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank intended to bring Third World nations such as Jamaica into the fold of free market economies, these “restructuring” policies have crippled Jamaica’s efforts toward self-reliant development while enriching the lenders. This scathing film is an unapologetic look at the “new world order” from the point of view of Jamaican workers and farmers, as well as government and policy officials.  2001, DVD, 86 minutes, color. 

Life of Oharu
The brutal restrictions of 17th-century Japan are ultimately responsible for the downfall of a young woman from the life of a samurai’s daughter to that of prostitute. (136 min.)

The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter
Documentary footage is combined with contemporary interviews to create this compelling visual history of the lives of women industrial workers during and after World War II. (65 min.)

The Life of Senator Margaret Chase Smith
Margaret Chase was born at the waning end of the century – the 19th century – into a world where American women had only limited choices. But, Maggie broke the mold, choosing for herself, and in the process began a career that would carry her around the globe, and touch the lives of many. In her long and productive life, Senator Margaret Chase Smith did not just witness history, she was history. She had a remarkable list of “firsts” to her credit, triumphed as a woman in what was then the “man’s world” of Washington politics, and she became the voice of American conscience during one of its most turbulent political periods. Jack Perkins, former NBC News correspondent and host of A&E’s Biography series, hosts this very special selection from the Maine Biographies Series, telling the story of Senator Smith, along with the words of the Senator herself, and of many who knew and have studied her life and work.  (DVD, 2011)

Lillian Hellman and Dashiell Hammett:
A PBS American Masters Presentation The Lives of Lillian Hellman, followed by Dashiell Hammett, Detective Writer are presented back-to-back on this Public Broadcasting portrait showing the lives and work of these two lovers. Although they met in 1930, Hellman and Hammett never married and their relationship was an on-and-off affair. Even after they parted, they stayed in close touch and were together when he died in January 1961. She died in 1984. (120 min. 1999)

Linda Hogan
Part of the Lannan Library Film Series. Linda Hogan is a member of the Chickasaw Nation and is a poet whose compassion inspires hope and healing. Ms. Hogan teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is also a novelist and a playwright. She read from The Book of Medicines, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. (60 min. 1994)

The Line
The Line is a powerful documentary about the terrible personal reality of rape and sexual violence, and the more complicated and ambivalent ways sexual assault often gets framed and understood in the wider culture.  As she tries to make sense of her own rape experience, and the sometimes ambiguous line between consent and coercion, filmmaker Nancy Schwartsman goes head-to-head with the man who assaulted her, questioning him and recording their conversation with a hidden camera.  Schwartsman broadens, and complicates, her own experience and perspective with insights from sex workers, survivors and activists, eschewing easy answers to provide an admirably nuanced take on the horror of rape and the warped dynamics of a culture that too often seems bent on glamorizing it.  The Line is structured to invite and reward students’ trust, making them comfortable enough to discuss sex, consent, legal rights, and the politics surrounding gender violence while examining issues too often deemed embarrassing, shameful or taboo. (2010, 24 minutes, DVD)

The Little Foxes
In this play by Lillian Hellman, Bette Davis gives an unforgettable performance as Regina Giddens, a vicious woman who destroys everyone around her while trying to satisfy her desire for wealth and social position. (116 min. 1941)

Live Girls, Stepping Out and Speaking Up
Real girls with real voices…live girls. On October 5, 2002, twelve girls from the Diversity Coalition, a a coed group of Maine High School Student Activists working to make a positive difference in their world, opened the University of Maine conference, “Girls Will Be Girls?”. They brought their voices center stage with an inspiring presentation of teenage girls voices on harassment, body image and sexuality, receiving a standing ovation from over 400 educators, researchers and parents. This film celebrates the amazing spirit, intelligence and passion our youth possess. We want the world to see what real girls, not he media girls, are thinking and talking about. You will be inspired by their honesty and courage. 52 Minutes, Color, 2003, DVD.

Living Downstream
Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., Living Downstream is an eloquent and cinematic feature-length documentary. The film follows Sandra during one pivotal year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links. But Sandra is not the only one who is on a journey — the chemicals against which she is fighting are also on the move. We follow these invisible toxins as they migrate to some of the most beautiful places in North America. We see how these chemicals enter our bodies and how, once inside, scientists believe they may be working to cause cancer.  2010, DVD, 85 and 55 minute versions.

Living in the Hyphen-Nation
Guest Speaker Laila Farah. Part of the 2004 WIC/WST Women’s History Celebration. 3-19-04.

Living With Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100
A documentary with vivid narrative recreations about the life and times of Ruth Ellis. Born July 23, 1899, she is the oldest “out” African American lesbian. In addition to exploring her rich past, the film offers a rare opportunity to experience a century of our history as lived by one inspiring woman. By example, Ruth Ellis show us what is possible and what can be realized, if one lives long, ages well and also lives with pride. (1999, 60 minutes, color)

Lizzie Borden
An A&E biography of a Massachusetts woman accused of murdering her parents with a hatchet. (105 min. 1994)

Look Us In The Eye: The Old Women’s Project
In this video, Cynthia Rich, Mannie Garza and Janice Keaffaber take the stereotypes of an ageist culture and turn them on their heads. Wearing brilliant t-shirts that declare “Old Women are Your Future” and carrying their giant multi-ethnic old woman puppet, POWER (Pissed Old Woman Engaged in Revolution), The Old Women’s Project refuses invisibility and proclaims that old women are part of every social justice issue. Look Us in the Eye is intended for high school girls, women of all ages, and the boys and men who care about us. (2006, DVD Format)

Louise Gluck
Part of the Lannan Library Film Series. Louise Gluck’s poetry, finely crafted and full of lyrical grace, offers a bleak landscape of disappointments and broken lives. She reads from Firstborn, Descending Figure, The House of Marshland and The Triumph of Achilles, for which she won the 1985 National Book Critics Circle Award, and from work in progress. She is interviewed by poet Lewis MacAdams. (60 min. 1989)

Love, Etty: The Journal of Etty Hillesum, Two-act play by Jane Smith Bernhardt.
Part of the Peace Week events. Jane Smith Bernhardt combined the diaries that Etty Hillesum wrote while at a holding camp in Holland and on her way to Auschwitz. Bernhardt performs her series of monologues. (90 min. 1995)

Lucille Clifton
Part of the Lannan Library Film Series. Lucille Clifton, born in 1936, has published nine books of poetry including The Book of Light, Quilting, Next, and Ordinary Woman. Her graceful and humorous poetry celebrates the spiritual revealed in the ordinary. Ms. Clifton received a 1996 Lannan Literary award for Poetry. She read from The Book of Light and The Terrible Stories. (60 min. 1994)

Lucille Clifton
This is a different video than the above listing. Part of the Lannan Library Film Series. There is spiritual power in Lucille Clifton’s graceful, humorous and insightful poetry. Lucille Clifton has written ten books of poetry. Lucille Clifton read from good woman: poems and a memoir and Next: New Poems. (60 min. 1989)

Luisa Capetillo: A Passion for Justice
Dramatizes the life and work of Luisa Capetillo (1879-1922), a Puerto Rican journalist, writer, suffragist, and labor organizer. Based on the book Luisa Capetillo: History of a Proscribed Woman by Norma Valle Ferrer, the video highlights the remarkable life of a little-known, turn-of-the-century feminist thinker whose beliefs and activities were far ahead of their time. (42 min. 1994)

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