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Adams, Carol J.-An Ecofeminist Analysis of Violence in the Home

Allen, Paula Gunn-Paula Gunn Allen Reads Her Poetry, Spider Woman’s Granddaughters: American Indian Women’s Literature

Antler, Joyce-Born Yelling: Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and the Jewish Roots of the Contemporary Feminist Movement, Minisky Family Lectures in Judaic Stukdeis: Gypsies of the Footlights

Arditti, Rita-Reflections on Being a Sephardic Jewish Woman

Barker, Sharon-Abortion in Maine: A Report from Two Feminists on the Common Ground Committee

Berger, Iris-Generations of Struggle: Gender, Race and Trade Unions in 20th Century South Africa

Bluett, Mary-In Search of Feminities and Masculinies Among New England Industiral Workers

Bowen, Angela-Who Said It Was Simple?: Audre Lorde’s Complex Connection to Three Liberation Movements

Brown, Lyn Mikel-Meeting at the Crossroads: Women’s Psychology and Girl’s Development

Burkhart, Barry-Examining the Backlash Against Sexual Violence

Cameron, Ardis-The Politics of Looking Back: Style, Gesture and Resistance in Female Activism

Cathcart, Mary-Child Custody: A Family Rights Issue for the 1990′s

Chapkis, Wendy-Freaks, Fairies and Fat Ladies: A Policy of Appearance

Cleaver, Kathleen Neal-Perspectives on Race, Civil Rights and Feminism; War, Women and Race: How the 1960s Changed Them

Chute, Carolyn-Carolyn Chute

Cline, Kim-Asking for Money and Product Identification

Colvin, Caroline-Alice Kessler-Harris: From Policy to Practice: Things We Never Knew About Women’s Wages

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Davis, Angela-Moving Towards the Millenium: Rethinking the Challenge of Feminism

DeGrazia, Victoria-The Nationalism of Women in Fascist Italy

Deluca, Barbara Jill-From Technocratic to Holistic: Midwifery as a Catalyst for Change

Ehrenreich, Barbara-Negotiting the Nineties: Women, Politics and the Past

Goldstein, Judith-Crossing Lines: Beyond the Book

Graetz, Naomi-”Did Miriam Talk Too Much?”: Ancient Rabbinical Attitudes Toward an Assertive Woman

Graham, Elizabeth-Women , Science and the Power of Healing: A Feminist Perspective on the Present from the Past

Green, Rayna-American Religions and Cultrual Expropriation, Native American Women and Music, A Woman Called Mankiller

Hardy, Sandra-Canada On Stage

Harris, Dorothy-Finding the Pulpit: From Silence to Voice in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watfhing God

Hoffman, Elizabeth- The Political Uses of Quilts: A Continuing Tradition

Hynes, Patricia-Reconstructing Babylon: Women in Engineering, Women in the Greening of Harlem

Joe, Rita-The Poetry of Rita Joe

Jones, Jacqueline-Intergrating American Women’s History: Avoiding Race and Sex Segregation

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Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky-’But We Wouldn’t Talk About It’: Living as a Lesbian in Rural South Dakota, 1920-1930, Telling Tales: Oral History and the Study of Pre-Stonewall Lesbian History

Kindleburger, Randall-Tales of th Revolution and the Socialization of the 19th-Century French Women

Klein, Renate-Conflicts in Young Adult Relationships: Female and Male Perspectives

Klepfisz, Irena-Creating Contemporary Jewish Literature: A Feminist Perspective, European Women Activitist: Feminism and the Politics of Memory

Kominsky, Susan-Child Custody: A Family Rights Issue for the 1990′s

Landers, Jane-The Pursuit of Justice: The Legal and Civil Rights of African American Women in 18th-Century Florida

Lisnik, Donna-Expanding Your Horizons

McIntosh, Peggy-Developing Women and Women’s Studies: Keeping the Flame Alive

McClintock, Barbara-Pioneer of modern Genetics

Merchant, Carolyn-Images of Women and Nature

Minkin, Marina-Harpsichord Music by Women Composers of the 18th Century

Minnich, Elizabeth-Women’s Studies: Transforming Knowlege

Monroe, Judith-The Witches of Eastwick…NOT!: A Sory of Witches in Maine

Morrison, Toni-Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice

Mitchell, Deb-Common Sense Personal Safety

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Nogard, Nina-What’s New in the E.U.? A Danish Perspective: Women s’ Issues in the European Union

Omvedt, Gail-Breaking the Silence: Voices of Low Caste and Peasant Women in India, Can Markets Be Feinized?

Ornstein, Lisa-Archives: Resource for Women’s Studies in the St. John Valley & Fiddling

Painter, Nell-Sojourner Truth

Reagon, Bernice Johnson-Women in the Tradition of Gospel Music

Reilly, Wayne-Sarah Jane Foster, Teacher of Freedom

Riggin, Patricia-Canada On Stage

Roberts, Robin-The Female Alien: Pulp Science Ficton’s Legacy to Feminists

Rosser, Sue-Female-Friendly Science, Including Women in the Scinece Curriculum, Transforming Introductory Biology

Seager, Joni-The Environment: What’s Gender Got To Do With It?, Feminist Perspectives on the Sciences as an Environmental Tool

Sequino, Stephanie-Gender Equity and the Time Crunch: At Home and at Work

Schapiro, Miriam-Changing Worlds: A Brief History of Feminist Art

Sklar, Holly-Chaos and Community: Act II

Stimson, Kathryn-Democracy in Learning: Women in the Curriculum

Swerdlow, Amy-Congress of American Women: The Impact of the Cold War on Popular Front Peace and Sexual Politics

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Tax, Meredith-What’s Left: Progressive Women in the 1920s and 1930s

Teal, Janeen-Charm School

Vaid, Urvashi-Urvashi Vaid

Van Kirk, Sylvia-Colonized Lives: Native Wives and Daughters of Victoria’s Founding Families

Walker, Rebecca-Rebecca Walker: The Third Wave of Feminism

Watson, Patty Jo-Women in Prehistory

Whitbeck, Caroline-Barriers to Women and Minorities in the Engineering Curriculum: Why Is It So Hard to Stay on the Subject?

Zimmerman, Bonnie-Lesbian Histories and Cultures: The Making of an Encyclopedia

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