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The Women’s Studies Library also contains many journals, periodicals, and magazines on feminism and women’s issues that are of interest to both Women’s Studies scholars and to the general reader. Some are historical feminist publications that are no longer in print, while others are brand new publications to which we have recently subscribed. Some of the journals are not found in Fogler Library or anywhere else on campus.

The¬†Women’s Studies Library vertical files are a unique collection of resources. They contain articles, pamphlets, newsletters, and information sheets on a variety of women’s issues. Topics range from abortion rights to ecofeminism to self defense. The files also house literature distributed by local and national organizations such as NARAL, Spruce Run, The Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center, the Maine Women’s Fund, and the Women’s Business Development Corporation. There is an extensive collection of materials from international women’s groups and organizations covering the issues facing women on a global scale.

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