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Women’s Studies Library - Audio Materials

Heartbeat CD
Contains ceremonial and social songs traditionally sung by women, other music newly performed by women, and material that combines traditional and contemporary themes and musical forms. 34 songs performed by Native American women. (70 min. 1995)

The Way I Feel CD
Part of the Black History series. A combination of thirteen poems by Giovanni and music by Ani Mardin. (40 min. 1995)

Love, Medicine, and Miracles CAS (2)
The author tells you how exceptional patients work to heal themselves and where they found the courage and determination to follow new, inspirational paths. Music by John Bauers. (3 hours 1988)

My Life As Myself CAS
In this intimate meetng, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker takes you into her private world and summons the powerful spirits and events that have shaped her life. Topics include: fighting oppression through creativity ; reconnection to the natural world; the secret of joy; and work as prayer. Includes eight original poems. (90 min. 1995)

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