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Faculty Grants - 2009 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Karen Buhr, Assistant Professor of Economics, “Access to Preventative Medical Care: How Do Women in Canada and the united States Compare? ” (reading).
  • Susan K. Gardner, Assistant Professor, College of Education and Human Development, “Women Faculty Attrition at the University of Maine ” (research).
  • Sandra Hutchison, Maine Studies Research Associate, “Reading Rachel Carson” (reading).
  • Kirsten Jacobson , Assistant Professor of Philosophy, “Embodied Domestics, Embodied Politics: Women, Home and Agoraphobia” (research).
  • Margaret O. Killinger, Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts Lecturer, Honors College, “The Garden Artists” (research).
  • Jessica Leahy, Assistant Professor, Forest Resources, and Jennifer Hubbard, Adjunct Faculty, Education and Human Development, “Experiences of Women in Natural Resources with Collaborative Resource Management” (research)

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