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Faculty Grants - 2007 Summer Grant Recipients

Research Grants

  • Laura Artesani, Assistant Professor of Music, “The Role of Women in the Establishment of the Orff, Kodály and Dalcroze Approaches to Music Education in the United States” (research, $2000).
  • Scott Eidelman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, “Women’s Self-Definition Following Success on a Gender-Typed Task” (research, $3000).
  • Ngo Vinh Long, Professor of History, “Women’s Leadership and Participation in Social and Political Movements in South Vietnam” (research, $2525).

Other Types of Grants

  • Marjorie Harris, Program Coordinator, Center on Aging, “Advanced Topics in Social Work: Clinical Practice with Older Adults” (curriculum development, $1800).
  • Kirsten Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, “Reading Seminal Texts of Feminist Philosophers in Continental Philosophy” (reading, $750).
  • Nancy Lewis, Head of Reference at Fogler, and Instructor in Women’s Studies, “Women and Religion Course Development” (curriculum development, $2600).
  • Robert Lilieholm, Associate Professor of Forest Resources, “Women, Gender, and Sustainable Development” (reading, $750).
  • Andrea Maurey, Associate Professor of Art, “The Inclusion of the Female (Artist and Subject) in Drawing I and Drawing II” (curriculum development, $1500).
  • Liam Riordan, Associate Professor of History, “Women and the American Revolution” (reading, $750).

Total = $15,675

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