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Faculty Grants - 2006 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Elizabeth Allan, Assistant Professor in Higher Education Leadership, “Examining the Status of Women in Higher Education.”  (A research grant)
  • Amy Blackstone, Assistant Professor in Sociology, “A Comparative Investigation of Workplace Sexual Harassment over the Life Cycle.” (A research grant)
  • Rebecca Eilers and Sandra Sigmon, Professors in Psychology, “Fibromyalgia in Women: Causes, Experiences, and Consequences.” (A reading grant)
  • Pauleena MacDougall, Associate Director, Maine Folklife Center, and Faculty Associate in Anthropology, “Oral Histories and Folklore of Women in Maine’s Pulp and Paper Industry (1920 – present).” (A research grant)
  • Shannon Martin, Associate Professor in Communication and Journalism, “Communication Law Courses, Restructured to Integrate Women’s Contributions.” (A curriculum transformation grant)
  • Maria Sandweiss, Lecturer in Spanish, “Course Preparation for a course in Latin American Popular Culture.” (A reading grant)
  • Marli Weiner, Professor in History, “‘My House has been an Hospital’:  the Experience of Illness in the Antebellum South.” (A research grant)

Total = $14,250

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