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Faculty Grants - 2005 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Joline Blais, Assist. Prof. in New Media“Cyber Feminism, Gender, and Technology” (A reading grant)
  • Nancy Fishwick, Assoc. Prof. in Nursing.  “Weaving Together the Threads of Women’s Health Issues Using the Case Study Method” (A curriculum transformation grant)
  • Benjamin Friedlander, Assist. Prof. in English.  “American Women’s Poetry in the Age of Dickinson” (A research grant)
  • Alice Kelley, Instructor, Brenda Hall, Assistant Professor, and Laura Brothers, Graduate Student, all in Earth Science.  “A Speakers Program on Women in Earth Science” (An academic climate grant)
  • Kristin Langellier, Prof. in Communication and Journalism, and Carol Toner, Coordinator of Maine Studies.  “Somali Women” (A reading grant)
  • Nancy Ogle, Professor of Music.  “Composer Jan Gilbert’s Residency at the University of Maine” (An academic climate grant)
  • Anette Rodrigues, Instructor in Modern Languages and Classics.  “Investigating the Role of German Soldiers’ Wives during the American Revolution” (A reading and research grant)
  • Maria Tijan-Wieck, Lecturer in Modern Languages and Classics.  “Developing a New Course Entitled ‘Beyond the Bombshells: Women behind the Camera in Hispanic Cinema” (A curriculum transformation project)
  • Mary Tyler, Prof. of Zoology.  “Creating an Educational Film on the Life and Work of Dr. Elizabeth Hay, Prominent Scientist in the Field of Cell and Developmental Biology” (A research grant)

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