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Faculty Grants - 2004 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Berardelli, Catherine, Clark, Beth and Sossong, Ann. (Nursing). “An Oral History of Nursing in Maine.” A curriculum development grant.
  • Cruikshank, Margaret. (Women’s Studies). “Gender and Queer Theory.” A reading grant.
  • Erdley, Cynthia. (Psychology). “Understanding Aggression in Females: Strategies, Causes, and Consequences.” A reading grant.
  • Hoff, Dianne. (Educational Leadership). “Negotiating the Gate: Access, Acculturation, and Advocacy for Women in School Leadership.” A research grant.
  • Huisman, Kim. (Sociology). “Documenting the Stories of Immigrant Women in Maine Through Oral History.” A research and curriculum transformation grant.
  • Lindenfeld, Laura. (Project Opportunity; Communication & Women’s Studies). “Developing a Course on Jews and Jewish Life in the Media.” A curriculum development grant.
  • MacLean, Molly. (Onward, Science). “Readings on Women in Science: If They Can Do It, I Can Too!” A reading grant.
  • Neuman, Lisa. (Anthropology & Native American Studies). “Economic Development and Maine’s American Indian Communities, Phase One: The Success of Wabanaki Women’s Basketry.” A research grant.
  • Riordan, Liam. (History). “Integrating Women’s History into the First Half of the U.S. History Survey (HTY 103).” A curriculum transformation grant.
  • Shockey, Tod. (Mathematics). “Equity and Mathematic Education.” A reading grant.

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