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Faculty Grants - 2003 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Sandra Berkowitz. Assistant Professor of Communication and Journalism.  “Bangor Jewish Women Making Community”
  • Carla Billitteri. Assistant Professor of English.  “Nathalie Sarraute and Lyn Hejiniah: A Feminist Poetics of Radical Empiricism
  • Edith Elwood. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology.  “Developing a Course in Feminist Theory”
  • Jennifer Gosetti. Assistant Professor of Philosophy.  “Epistemology of the Emotions: A Feminist Look at Sorrow and Joy”
  • Michael Grillo. Associate Professor of Art.  “Women in the Medieval and Renaissance Eras”
  • Andy Mauery. Assistant Professor of Art.  “Reading Grant/Topics in Color
  • Laurie Osher. Assistant Professor of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences.  “Estuary and Coastal Processes: Women in the Spotlight”

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