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Faculty Grants - 2002 Summer Grant Recipients

  • Alla Gamarnik. Assistant Professor of Chemistry.  “Developing a Laboratory Experiment Based on the Work of Agnes Pockels.”  A curriculum development grant
  • Gisela Hoecherl-Alden. Assistant Professor of German.  “Investigating Women’s Lives and Revealing the Female Perspective in German Film and Indo-European Folktales.”  A curriculum development and research grant
  • Karen Horton. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology.  “Holding a ‘Girl-Friendly’ Computer Assisted Design Camp.”  An academic climate grant
  • Laura Kenefic. Assistant Research Professor in Forest Ecosystem Science
  • Kathy Carter. Associate Professor of Forest Resources
  • William Livingston. Chair and Associate Professor of Forest Resources.  “Developing a Seminar Series of Women in Forest Resources.”  An academic climate grant
  • Pauleena MacDougall. Associate Director of the Maine Folklife Center and Faculty Associate in Anthropology
  • Davida Kellogg. Adjunct Professor of Military Science.  “Pallas Athena in Orono: Oral Histories of Maine Women Military Veterans.”  A research or creative achievement grant
  • Adina Nack. Assistant Professor of Sociology.  “The Sociology of Popular Culture.”  A reading grant
  • Nancy Yoder. Associate Professor of Educational Leadership.  “Feminist Pedagogy.”  A reading grant

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