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Graduate Program Degree Requirements - Requirements for the Master of Wildlife Conservation Degree

Course Work Requirements

A minimum of 30 units of graduate credit (Course work and thesis credits) are required for the M.W.C. degree.  A minimum of  24 units of Course work (400 level or greater) is required, and of this, at least 12 credits must derive from courses designated 500 level or above.  At least 3 credits and no more than 6 must be an independent project.  Prerequisite Course work below the 400 level may not be included as part of the core curriculum of the graduate program.  The Course work for the M.W.C. program will be selected by the student and the advisor during the first semester of study, subject to approval by the graduate committee.

Independent Project

The independent study will be on a topic selected by the student and advisory committee.  The submission of a formal report for approval by the advisory committee is required.  Though this is not a thesis, it will require significant scholarship and should exhibit the quality of presentation suitable for publication.

Final Oral Exam

Upon completion of Course work and the independent project, a candidate for the M.W.C. degree is required to successfully complete an oral examination on general resource issues, but emphasizing the topic for the independent study.  As part of the examination, a seminar on the independent project must be presented to the Department, usually before the oral defense.  To facilitate meaningful reading of the project, an approved draft of the report must be to the committee at least six weeks prior to the exam.

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