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Graduate Program Degree Requirements - Course Requirements for All Graduate Degrees

As with undergraduate degrees, course requirements are intended to balance the specific informational requirements of graduate research projects with a wider perspective to be shared by successful students in the Department. The breadth of learning will include topics of Biology, Conservation, and Analysis.  All students must have finished course work in the following subject areas, either in a previous program or prior to completion of the graduate degree.  At least three courses must be taken within the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology (either taught by our faculty or with WLE designator).  One of these three courses must be at a 500 level or greater.

Biology—15 credits to include:
Ecology 3cr.
and two of the following:
Vertebrate Zoology 3cr.
Invertebrate Zoology 3cr.
Botany 3 cr.
Conservation — 9 credits to include:
Habitat Conservation 3cr.
Population Conservation 3cr.
Resource Economics and Policy 3cr.
Analytical Tools—6 credits to include:
Statistics 3cr. minimum
and up to 3 credits may be satisfied by:
GIS 3cr.
Modeling 3cr.

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