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Current Graduate Students - Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan, Ph.D. candidateKevin Ryan
Advisor: Aram Calhoun
Spring 2008 – Fall 2013
B.S. Wildlife Management, SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY, 2001
A.A.S. Fish and Wildlife Technology, SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY, 1999

Current Research: My research focuses on the breeding ecology and terrestrial habitat requirements of the eastern spadefoot toad and pure-diploid blue-spotted salamander in eastern Connecticut. Both species are listed as either Endangered or Threatened in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. For both species my research goals are to assess (1) breeding population size, (2) breeding philopatry, (3) movement patterns of adults/juveniles to and from breeding wetlands (immigration and emigration orientation), (4) juvenile recruitment, (5) juvenile and adult dispersal rates, (6) non-breeding habitat use and home range size, (7) burrowing ecology (eastern spadefoot) and (8) larval interactions (blue-spotted salamander and spotted salamanders). Information on the animals is being collected through the use of pitfall trapping, radio-telemetry, mesocosms, and a novel method of locating and monitoring individuals implanted with passive integrated transponders (PIT tags) through the use of a modified detection device (PIT pack). The results of my study will help determine best management practices for mitigation of land development affecting habitat for these and other pool-breeding species.

Previous Research Experience: Immediately after college I obtained a seasonal position with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources collecting life-history data on nesting loggerhead sea turtles. Thereafter I worked for a land surveying company in New York for a year before obtaining a position at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Metropolitan Conservation Alliance (WCS/MCA) in 2003. I initially worked for WCS/MCA as a seasonal field herpetologist and was responsible for collecting data on the distribution of reptile and amphibian species in towns working in cooperation with MCA’s “biotic corridor” projects in the New York metropolitan area. In 2005, I obtained a full-time position as Program Officer and, in addition to my field survey tasks, served as the program’s general office manager, accountant, and budget manager.

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