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Current Graduate Students - Carly Eakin

Carly Eakin, Ph.D. Studentcarly frog face
Advisors:  Aram Calhoun and Malcolm Hunter, Department of Wildlife Ecology
Summer 2013 – Spring 2017
M.S. 2012, Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, MI
B.S. 2006, Landscape Architecture, Michigan State University, MI

I am interested in how urbanization impacts wildlife and how these impacts can be mitigated through planning and management techniques. After working several years as a landscape architect, I wanted to focus on conservation. I joined Peace Corps to protect coastal resources and later researched green roofs’ wildlife habitat potential at MSU.

Current Research:  Currently, I study how vernal pool-breeding amphibians interact with urbanizing landscapes, with a focus on movement and dispersal patterns.  Although tied to vernalpools for larval and breeding stages, amphibians such as the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) and wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) spend most of their lives in upland areas.  These species rely on wetland and terrestrial areas, but much is unknown about their terrestrial life stages or how these species respond to urban conditions. Terrestrial movement and dispersal patterns maintain population connectivity among vernal pools and may be disrupted by urbanization.  An understanding of terrestrial habitat use and urban sensitivities can guide conservation and development in a direction which maintains population connectivity of vernal pool-breeding amphibians and improves the likelihood of long-term population persistence.

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