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Stephen M. Coghlan, Jr. - Pictures

Field Trips – collecting fishes (for research or just for fun)

  • Fields Pond WLE 340 (Fisheries Ecology and Management) trapnetted Fields Pond and will assess age-and-growth relations and fish community structure.
  • Owego Creek, NY (2002) – here, we revisited the sites of Andy Sheldon’s classic 1960’s study of fish community variation along a longitudinal stream gradient. Check out the ever-elusive shield darter
  • French Creek, NY (2003) – surveying the “hotspot” for fish diversity in NYS with Darran Crabtree of The Nature Conservancy and the SUNY-ESF student subunit of AFS. Lots of darters, of course, but also silverjaw minnows and silver shiners.
  • Pushaw Lake fishing (2007) – angling trip with UMO AFS students, trying to angle invasive northern pike so they can be radio-tagged and tracked. Lots of chain pickerel caught, but no northerns
    Field Work Pictures – Fish, their habitats, and the researchers
  • Brook trout research in White Mtns – sampling for brook trout in tiny mountain streams in some breathtaking landscapes
  • Atlantic salmon /  smallmouth bass competition – surveying some streams in the Penobscot River basin looking for naturalized SMB populations
  • Sedgeunkedunk dam removal – assessing fish community structure in Fields Pond in anticipation of alewife restoration after dam removal
  • Sea-run brook trout in Acadia – trying to distinguish sea-run from resident brook trout in 2 projects, one led by Joe Zydlewski and Ben Letcher, and the other led by Mike Kinnison and Kevin Simon
  • Kennebec River round whitefish – electrofishing the Kennebec River for round whitefish and other salmonids w/ Joe Dembeck from MDIFW
  • Phillips Lake electrofishing survey – also w/ Joe Dembeck, looking for lake trout spawning reefs
  • Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario Tributaries – field work from landlocked Atlantic salmon stocking experiments conducted in central / northern New York 2002 – 2004
  • Salmon River – embryo and fry stocking/trapping in the Salmon River NY (historically one of the most famous spawning and nursery rivers for landlocked Atlantic salmon, but now one of the most famous rivers for naturalized and stocked cohos, Chinooks, and steelhead
  • Little Red River – field work from my post-doc research on using stock discrimination of Arkansas tailwater salmonines using otoliths chemistry. Incidentally, the LRR is home to the world record angled brown trout.

Remote Field Stations

  • Cranberry Lake Biological Station – located in the heart of the Cranberry Lake Wilderness in the Adirondack Mountains, the SUNY-ESF field station is accessible by boat or helicopter. All biology majors attend in summer between junior and senior years. Session I in June features blackflies and mosquitoes; Session II features mosquitoes, deerflies, no-see-ums, and stable flies.
  • CLBS BOCES program – high school students from central New York attend a week of field ecology “boot camp” led by ESF and high school instructors. This week is timed perfectly to coincide with the height of stable fly activity.
  • Suffolk University Friedman Field Station – juniors at the University of Maine take a field ecology “boot camp” course (taught by Lindsay Seward) on the Downeast Maine coast.

Other Stuff

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