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Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr. - Select Publications

  • Hunter, M.L. Jr. and F. Schmiegelow.  2011.  Wildlife, forests, and forestry: Principles of managing forests for biological diversity. 2nd edition.  Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
  • Hunter, M.L. D. Lindenmayer, and A. J.K. Calhoun.  2007.  Saving the earth as a career: Advice on becoming a conservation professional. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, United Kingdom.  200pp.
  • Hunter, M.L. Jr. and J.P. Gibbs.  2007.  Fundamentals of conservation biology, 3rd edition.  Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, United Kingdom, 497pp. (4th ed in preparation).
  • Hunter, M.L. Jr. (editor).  1999.  Maintaining biodiversity in forest ecosystems.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.  698pp.
  • Hunter, M.L. Jr., A. Calhoun and M. McCollough.(editors).  1999.  Maine amphibians and reptiles. University of Maine Press, Orono, Maine.  252pp.
  • Popescu, V.D. and M.L. Hunter.  2011.  Clearcutting affects habitat connectivity for a forest amphibian by decreasing permeability to juvenile movements.  Ecological Applications 21:1283-1295.
  • Campbell, S.P., J.W. Witham, and M.L. Hunter Jr.  2010.  Stochasticity in avian habitat use: a test of deterministic explanations for habitat selection.  Ecological Monographs 80:287-302.
  • Hunter, M.L., Jr, E. Dinerstein, J. Hoekstra, and D. Lindenmayer.  2010.  Conserving biodiversity in the face of climate change: A call to action.  Conservation Biology 24:1169-1171.
  • Beaudry, F., P. G. deMaynadier. M. L. Hunter, Jr.  2010.  Identifying hot moments in road mortality risk for freshwater turtles.  Journal of Wildlife Management 74:152-159.
  • Politi, N., M.L. Hunter, Jr., and L. Rivera.  2009.  Nest selection by cavity-nesting birds in subtropical montane forests of the Andes: some implications for sustainable forest management.  Biotropica 41:354-360.
  • Patrick, D.A., E.B. Harper, M.L. Hunter Jr, and A.J.K. Calhoun.  2008.  Terrestrial habitat selection and strong density-dependent mortality in recently metamorphosed amphibians.  Ecology 89:2563-2574.
  • Hunter, M.L. Jr., M.J. Bean, D. B. Lindenmayer, and D. S. Wilcove.  2009.  Thresholds and the mismatch between environmental laws and ecosystems.  Conservation Biology 23:1053-1055.

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