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Judith M. Rhymer - Recent Publications

  • Shafer, A. B. A., F. W. Scott, S. D. Peterson, J. M. Rhymer, and D. T. Stewart. 2008. Following the SINEs: a taxonomic revision of the of the long-tailed shrew complex, Sorex dispar and S. gaspensis. Journal of Mammalogy 89:1421-1427.
  • Rhymer, J. M. 2008. Evolutionary change in conserved taxa: extinction through hybridization or introgression. Chapter 9 in Conservation Biology: Evolution in Action, (S. P. Carroll and C. W. Fox Eds.). Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Kneeland, S. C. and J. M. Rhymer. 2008. Determination of fish host use by wild populations of rare freshwater mussels using a molecular identification key to identify glochidia. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 27(1): 150-160.
  • Kneeland, S. C. and J. M. Rhymer. 2007. A molecular identification key for freshwater mussel glochidia encysted on naturally parasitized fish hosts in Maine, USA. Journal of Molluscan Studies 73:279-282.
  • Kurth, J., C. Loftin, J. Zydlewski and J. Rhymer. 2007. PIT tags increase effectiveness of freshwater mussel recaptures. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 26: 253-260.
  • Rhymer, J. M. 2006. Extinction by hybridization and introgression in Anatinae ducks. Acta Zoologica Sinica 52 (Supplement): 583-585.
  • Rehfish, M., J. Allan, B. Hughes, J. Rhymer, P. Robertson, K. Shaw, and M. Williams. 2006. Competition and hybridization from introduced waterbirds: a rising political issue. Acta Zoologica Sinica 52 (Supplement): 570-571.
  • Kelly, M. W. and J. M. Rhymer. 2005. Population genetic structure of a rare unionid (Lampsilis cariosa) in a recently glaciated landscape. Conservation Genetics 6: 789-802.
  • Rhymer, J. M., D. G. McAuley, and H. L. Ziel. 2005. Phylogeography of the American Woodcock (Scolopax minor): are management units based on band recovery data reflected in genetically based management units? Auk 122: 1149-1160.
  • Rhymer, J. M., M. J. Williams, and R. Kingsford. 2004. Implications of phylogeography and population genetics for subspecies taxonomy of Grey (Pacific Black) Duck (Anas superciliosa) and its conservation in New Zealand. Pacific Conservation Biology 10:57-66.
  • Rhymer, J. M., J. M. Barbay, and H. L. Givens. 2004. Taxonomic relationships between Sorex gaspensis and S. dispar: inferences from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Journal of Mammalogy 85: 331-337.
  • Compton, B., J. Rhymer, M. McCollough. 2002. Habitat selection by wood turtles: an application of paired logistic regression. Ecology 83: 833-843.
  • Rhymer, J.M. 2002. Defining species. pp. 38-39 in Fundamentals of Conservation Biology 2nd edition, M.L. Hunter Jr. Blackwell Science, Inc. Williston, VT.
  • Rhymer, J., M. Fain, J. Austin, D. Johnson and C. Krajewski. 2001. Mitochondrial phylogeography, subspecific taxonomy, and conservation genetics of Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis; Aves: Gruidae). Conservation Genetics 2: 203-218.
  • Rhymer, J.M. 2001. Evolution and conservation of Hawaiian anatids. In Symposium on “The status, ecology and conservation of the Hawaiian avifauna”. Studies in Avian Biology: No.22. 61-67.
  • O’Connor, R.J., R.B. Owen, and J.M. Rhymer. 2000. Best practices in endangered Species recovery planning: lessons for the conservation of Maine’s Atlantic salmon. Maine Policy Review 9(2): 72-89.
  • Longcore, J., D. McAuley, G. Hepp, and J. Rhymer. 2000. American Black Duck. In The Birds of North America (A. Poole ed.). Philadelphia: The Academy of Natural Sciences; Washington, DC; The American Ornithologists’ Union. 97 pp.
  • Remley, M. and J.M. Rhymer. 1999. Wood Turtle (Clemmys insculpta) in (Hunter, Calhoun and McCollough, eds.) The Amphibians and Reptiles of Maine. University of Maine Press.
  • Rhymer, J.M. 1998. Populations. Unit 3. in Biology, A Community Approach, (W.H. Leonard and J.E. Penick eds.) South-Western Educational Publ., Cincinnati, OH.
  • Young, H.G. and J.M. Rhymer. 1998. Meller’s Duck: a threatened species receives recognition at last. Biodiversity and Conservation 7: 1313-1323.
  • Stutchbury, B.J.M., W.H. Piper, D.L. Neudorf, S.A. Tarof, J.M. Rhymer, G. Fuller and R.C. Fleischer. 1997. Correlates of extra-pair fertilization success in Hooded Warblers. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 40: 119-126.
  • Rhymer, J.M. and D.S. Simberloff. 1996. Genetic extinction through hybridization and introgression. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 27: 83-109.
  • Cooper, A., J. Rhymer, H. James, S. Olsen, C. McIntosh, M. Sorenson and R. Fleischer. 1996. Ancient DNA and island endemics. Nature 381: 484.

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