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Daniel J. Harrison - Select Publications

  • Fuller, A. K., and D. J. Harrison. 2010.   Movement paths reveal scale-dependent habitat decisions by Canada lynx.  Journal of Mammalogy 91:1269-1279.
  • Hearn, B. J., D. J. Harrison, A. K. Fuller, C. G. Lundrigan, and W. J. Curran.  2010.  Paradigm shifts in habitat ecology of threatened Newfoundland martens.  Journal of Wildlife Management 74:719-728.
  • Fuller, A. K., D. J. Harrison, and J. H. Vashon. 2007.  Winter habitat selection by Canada lynx in Maine: prey abundance or accessibility?  Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1980-1986.
  • Homyack, J. A., D. J. Harrison, and W. B. Krohn.  2007.  Effects of  precommercial thinning on snowshoes hares in Maine.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71: 4-13.
  • Homyack, J.A., D. J. Harrison, J.A. Litvaitis, and W.B. Krohn.  2006.  Quantifying densities of snowshoe hares in Maine using pellet plots.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 34: 74-80.
  •  Fuller, A. K. and D. J. Harrison.  2005.  Influence of partial timber harvesting on American martens in north-central Maine.  Journal of Wildlife Management 69:710-722.
  • Homyack, J. A., D. J. Harrison, and W. B. Krohn.  2005.  Long-term effects of precommercial thinning on small mammals in northern Maine.  Forest Ecology and Management: 205:43-57.
  • Hoving, C. L. D. J. Harrison, W. B. Krohn, R. A. Joseph, and M. O’Brien.  2005.  Broad-scale predictors of Canada lynx occurrence in eastern North America.  Journal of Wildlife Management 69:739-751.

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