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Wheel Hoes - Wheel Hoe

Glaser; Johnny’s Selected Seeds

A series of long handled weeding tools


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Users Positive Feedback:
“Can really dig in and get most root systems.”

“Good overall at many size weeds.”

Users Negative Feedback: 
“More difficult to keep straight.”  

“Feel isn’t as comfortable as Steel-Wheel Hoe.”

The Glaser wheel hoe comes standard with an 8″ oscillating stirrup hoe. Like other wheel hoes, it is much faster than other hand tools without wheels. The model from Johnny’s has adjustable handles, various attachments and the height of the pneumatic tire can also be adjusted. For another $149.00 the wheel hoe can be converted into a double wheel hoe, which allows cultivation along both sides of a crop row with a single pass. The wheel hoe is typically used in a start-stop motion where weeds are cut pushing forward.


Wheel Hoe           The Double Wheel Hoe. A weeding tool with two wheels attached to two metal stirrups and a long wooden handle           A wheel hoe with one wheel and one stirrup attached to a long wooden handle           Two wheel hoes being used. One a single wheel with a single stirrup, the other a double wheel with two stirrups

A wheel hoe with a single wheel and single stirrup

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