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Wheel Hoes - Steel Wheel Hoe

Hoss Professional Garden Tools

A man pushing a wheel hoe

High Wheel:
Earthway Products Inc.

Price: Hoss:
$159.00 ($199.00 for double)


Similar Tools:
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Users Positive Feedback:
“I like the versatility of this tool.”

“Easier to maneuver than Johnny’s wheel hoe.”

Users Negative Feedback: 
“Hard to push—didn’t cut well.”  

“Very difficult to push.”

The steel-wheeled hoes were very popular during the first half of this century, and they are being produced once again. The Hoss steel-wheel hoe is a replica of the Planet Jr. No. 17 hoe from the early 1900’s. Both typles are significantly less expensive than the pneumatic-wheeled cousins and, if there is any difference between the two, it is hard to pick-out. The model manufactured by Hoss is available with one or two wheels and has various attachments for weed control including the popular stirrup hoe. Other cultivation equipment includes planters, hillers and sweeps.
Note: The Earthway high-wheel hoe is not very sturdy. If cost is more important quality, it may be a better purchase.


A man using the Earthway High-Wheel Hoe, a weeding tool attached to a large wheel           A weeding tool with a metal stirrup and long wooden handle attached to a steel wheel           A man using the Steel-Wheel Hoe, a weeding tool with a metal stirrup attached to a steel wheel

A wheel hoe with long wooden handles and metal stirrups attached to a steel wheel.

See the Steel Wheel Hoe in action on YouTube

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