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WordPress User Guide - Users

WordPress makes it easy for multiple users to work on your website.

To add a new user to the website, click on Users -> Add New:

Add a New User

Fill out the required fields. Note: The e-mail address must be or for registration to work.

The new user will receive an initial e-mail from with a link to confirm their subscription to the website. After confirming their subscription, they’ll receive a second e-mail with their Username, Password and the URL to log in. The user must click on the subscription link in order to confirm before they’ll be added as a user.

Their Role on the site controls their level of access. By default, these roles are:

  • Administrator – Full access to Pages, Posts, Links, and all other areas
  • Editor – Can publish and manage Posts and Pages as well as other users’ Posts
  • Author – Can publish and manage only their own Posts
  • Contributor – Can write and manage their Posts but not publish them (must be approved by an Editor or Administrator)
  • Subscriber - No writing/publishing capabilities

The most commonly used roles are Administrator, Editor and Author. Some UMaine websites may have different defaults for faculty or staff. When in doubt about how to set up a new user or their role, contact the Web Office for guidance.

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