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Adding/Editing Posts - Using Post Tags

Post Tags are useful for highlighting key aspects of a particular post and allowing users to browse through posts of the same type. Posts can have as many tags as you need, and tags appear in a list at the bottom of the post.

Post Tags are usually very specific, whereas Categories tend to be broad.

For example, a post that’s categorized as an Event might have the tags “free,” “lecture,” and “fossils,” leading the reader to believe the event in question is a free lecture about fossils. Clicking on the “fossils” tag in the post allows your readers to find other posts that deal with fossils.

To tag a post, use the Post Tags box to the right of the post editing screen:

Tagging your Posts

Type your tags into the Add new tag box, separated by a comma, or click on the link at the bottom to choose from some of your most popular tags.

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