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Adding/Editing Pages - Using Custom Fields

The Custom Fields section is located directly under the content editing area. In UMaine’s templates, the Features Page uses custom fields from each of its sub-pages to lay out content. Step-by-step instructions on creating and populating a Features Page:

Custom Fields

  1. Create a new page and set the template to Features Page, then Publish.
  2. Create a second page–this will become your first “feature.”
    • Put in your title and content however you like.
    • Set the Page Parent to the Features Page you created in Step 1.
    • Set 2 Custom Fields as outlined below (Name -> Value):

If your website does not yet use Custom Fields, you will see two blank text areas in which to type the Name and Value:

Website with no Custom Fields

If you have existing pages with Custom Fields, you can select from existing Names in the drop-down menu, or hit “Enter New” to add a new Name:

Website with existing Custom Fields in use

Hit Add Custom Field to add a new Custom Field.

Use the Delete or Update buttons to delete/change an existing Custom Field:

Delete or Update a Custom Field

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