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Adding/Editing Pages - Creating Links Within a Page

By default, pages list any relevant sub-pages (as set by the Parent menu–see Organizing Your Pages) in a bulleted list before the page contents. But sometimes you may want to create links within your content area as well.

To do this, highlight the text you’d like to make a link and click the Link Tool:

Highlight the text you want to make a link

A pop-up will appear and ask for a URL to link to–you can select one of your existing pages from the “link to existing content” menu, or type/paste in the URL to another website. When you’ve set your link options, click Add Link:

Your highlighted text will turn bright blue and underlined to indicate it is now a link:

To edit an existing link, click on the link text and click the Link Tool again.

To remove the link entirely, click on the link text and hit the Break Link button, located directly to the right of the Link Tool.

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