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Media (Images, Audio, Video, Documents) - Editing Images

Clicking on an image in the Media Library list will allow you to edit the image’s properties (title, alternate text, captions, etc.) further. You can even crop or rotate the image within WordPress if the original is not to your liking. Note that you can also access most of these options via Pages or Posts as you’re working on your other content.

Resizing Images

WordPress will automatically resize your images to three specific sizes. Actual dimensions vary depending on which design you use:

  • Thumbnail – a cropped square
  • Medium – about half the width of the content column
  • Large – full width of the content column
  • Original – the size of the file you first uploaded

You can adjust the size of your images further once you’ve placed them in a document.

Rotating, Reversing or Cropping Images

To rotate or crop an image, click on it in the Media Library and click the Edit Image button:

You’ll be shown a menu of options:

Drag your cursor over the image to highlight your preferred crop selection, then choose the crop icon in the upper left.

To rotate or reverse an image, use the rotation and reversal icons just above the image preview.

Should you make a change you don’t like, simply use the Undo or Redo buttons in the upper right to trace back through your steps.

When you’re finished, click the blue Save button to apply your changes. Note that once you click the Save button, there is no way to recover your original image. For this reason, we encourage you keep a backup of all your original files on your computer.

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