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Adding Images - Image Options

Images - File Upload Tab

The most commonly used image options are:

Title and Alternate Text: This is the text that is read by screen readers and will appear when you hover over an image.  Descriptive Alternate Text is required for your website to meet university compliance standards–describe the image in moderate detail. For example, “Stevens Hall” is much more descriptive than “DSCN-0023.jpg.”

Caption (optional): This text will appear under your image in a gray caption box. Leave blank for no caption.

Link URL (optional): This is the URL a user will go to when they click on the image.

Alignment: This is how your image will be placed on the page.

Size: This is the size of the image. Exact pixel dimensions are listed under each option.

Once you’ve finished setting your options, click Insert Into Post to place the image into the content area.

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